The Safer Cable Railing for Your Deck

FortressCable H-Series cable deck railing system

The Safer Cable Railing for Your Deck

Adding a deck to your home helps expand your living space by increasing exterior square footage to your home while providing a place to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. While deck railings are an important safety feature of this outdoor space, many argue that it detracts from the view. With that in mind, deck designers and architects have developed a variety of innovative solutions that blend well with a home’s exterior features, while providing an unobstructed view.

Cable railings are one answer to the problem of impending visual enjoyment of outdoor surroundings. They are typically constructed using stainless steel cables in a horizontal pattern, from deck post to deck post. While this modern design solves one problem, its safety has sparked a great deal of controversy and debate.

Ladder effect with cable railingThe Ladder Effect

The argument stems from the idea that when something is designed to look like a ladder, invariably someone will attempt to climb it, including small children. There is much criticism regarding the validity of this argument. Some believe that regulations or bans should be imposed on horizontal cable deck railings, while others argue that it is not the place of the railing manufacturer, but rather the parent, to ensure that a child does not climb up the railing.

Innovative Solutions

Fortress V-Series cable deck railing systemAt Ridgeline Decks, we offer Fortress cable railing system. This provides the first panelized, vertical design in the cable railing industry. Like horizontal options, it creates an unobstructed view, but it also removes the risk of the “ladder effect.” Unlike traditional cable railing systems which need to have the tension checked and reset periodically, once the tension is set during the installation of a Fortress railing, the only thing you need to do is sit back and enjoy the views.

Additionally, the entire surface of the railing is treated with a durable, multi-layered, anti-corrosion, rust-resistant coating. This is the same coating that is used on high-end automobiles. The system also uses marine-grade stainless steel cables and components. All of this adds up to both low-maintenance and safety for years to come.

At Ridgeline Decks, our goal is to provide our customers in Spokane, Washington and North Idaho with quality decking designs using state-of-the-art technology. We strive to give you a safe and low-maintenance outdoor space that you and your family can enjoy for years to come! Contact us to discuss your deck design today!

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