Will Your Deck Withstand This Winter’s Heavy Snowfall?

A deck covered in Spokane winter snow

Will Your Deck Withstand This Winter’s Heavy Snowfall?

Winter is upon us here in Spokane, Washington. This year’s forecast calls for higher than average snowfall totals. While means good news for winter weather lovers, if your deck is not properly constructed, it could mean disaster. There are many reasons a deck can fail during the winter months.

Common Issues with Decks in the Winter

  1. Ledger board pulling away – This is one of the leading reasons for deck failure. It is caused by a combination of a heavy load on the deck’s surface and improper construction techniques which cause the boards to pull away from your home. One important part of winter deck maintenance is to remove excess snow and ice to reduce the weight on the supporting deck structure. If possible, sweep the deck to remove snow, or use a plastic shovel to avoid damage to the surface boards. If your deck has an ice build-up, never chip it away with a metal object. Use an ice melt product that is approved for decking materials.
  2. Rotting – Faulty construction and boards that are improperly treated are the most common causes of rot. Using a product such as FiberOn decking materials is an excellent way to avoid this unfortunate situation.
  3. Post and beam issues – Like the deck boards, the posts and beams on the underside of your deck can also rot and erode. This is normally due to a faulty foundation or using posts that are not properly treated to resist rot.
  4. Faulty foundation – The foundation offers the base support for your deck. It needs to be properly installed in order for your deck to withstand the elements. Setting a deck on rocks, or just the bare earth is a recipe for disaster.

Talk to Ridgeline About Deck Stability Through the Winter

From summer through winter and everything in between, at Ridgeline Decks, we design and build quality decks that meet current building code requirements. We understand how to build a deck that will withstand the elements and uses the latest in weather-resistant materials and technologies.

If you are unsure of the stability of your deck, contact an expert to inspect. We recommend seasonal inspections to establish that they are safe and secure for the coming year. And, if your deck does need to be upgraded or replaced, our deck construction experts can help you year-round. Call us today to start planning your dream outdoor living space that will withstand our Northwest weather!

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