5 Benefits of Composite Decking

Railing on a deck

At Ridgeline Decks our goal is to create beautiful decks that will stand up to the harshest weather conditions and provide our customers with years of enjoyment. With that in mind, we believe that a well constructed deck starts with using the highest quality materials.

One such material that has been getting a lot of buzz for the past several years is the use of wood alternatives such as composite decking. Some of the advantages of composite decking over natural wood materials include:

1. Long lasting –Adding a deck to your home is an investment that should last for an extended period of time. Water, snow, ice, sleet, hail and other harsh elements can break down traditional decking materials quickly, causing them to rot, warp and splinter. By contrast, composite decking materials are designed for longevity and durability, resist fading and are insect resistant.

2. Easy care – Unlike a wooden deck that requires pressure washing, painting, staining and other seasonal upkeep, a composite deck maintains its color year after year and only requires and occasional clean up with a brush, mild soap and warm water. There’s no better peace-of-mind knowing that your outdoor investment will look good for years to come.

3. Many choices – Composite decking comes in a variety of colors to match any exterior and complement the curb appeal of your home.

4. Sustainability – Because composite decking is made from recycled plastic and reclaimed wood, it does double duty to protect the environment. In addition to saving trees, the manufacturing process keeps other waste products out of landfills.

5. Cost-effective – While wood products may appear less expensive up-front, when you factor in the cost of yearly upkeep and possible early replacement of rotting and warped boards, a composite deck can actually be less expensive.

Are you considering adding a deck on your Spokane or surrounding Washington home? Contact the professionals at Ridgeline Decks to discuss your options. We will help you create a customized outdoor living space that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

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