Why Winter is the Perfect Time to Create the Outdoor Space of Your Dreams

Deck with table and umbrella

Does the cold dreary Spokane weather make you dream of warm summer days enjoying time outdoors with friends and family. While cold weather might keep you indoors, it is the perfect time to start planning for outdoor improvements and additions.

Many people mistakenly believe that construction projects such as decks are impossible during the winter months. While cold weather can add complexities to outdoor home improvements, with the right tools, preparation and knowledge, many projects can be completed year round.

Planning your Spring project

Winter offers a great opportunity to sit and dream about your deck addition. There are many online tools to help you plan that perfect outdoor space. Trex Plan Your Deck Tool allows you to choose from three popular design options. Most online deck planners help you create an estimated budget based on materials and design options. Some planning considerations might include:

  • Materials (wood or substrate)
  • Substructure materials (wood, metal, substrate)
  • Colors
  • Railing design
  • Stair design
  • Shape

If you don’t want to do-it-yourself, work with a qualified deck contractor. They can visit your home and come up with a deck plan that will meet all your goals including, space functionality needs, lifestyle requirements and size considerations.

Benefits of Winter Deck Building

Perhaps you already have a deck plan completed. While it might not seem ideal, winter is actually a great time to build a deck. Spring and summer are typically high-demand months for contractors. Choosing to start your deck project in the winter means that you will avoid the delays that could be experienced during the warmer months. Furthermore, because they are not in as great of demand, building materials could also be more readily available during the winter months.

The summer months bring with them lots of outdoor activities. The addition of a deck during this time of year can impact your ability to enjoy outdoor living spaces during the construction period. Having your deck constructed during the winter months means you can enjoy your space as soon as warm weather hits. The team at

Ridgeline Decks can help you design the outdoor deck space of your dreams. If you already have plans completed contact them to discuss the next steps in the construction process. Start your deck this winter and enjoy your space all summer long.

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