Different Types of Deck Frames

How choosing the right type of frame can improve the form, function and beauty of your deck

The deck frame is similar to the foundation on your home, or similar to your skeleton, it holds everything up and keeps things together. We think the frame is one of the most important parts to your deck, and when talking about the frame, we’re often asked, “isn’t pressure-treated wood just as good for my deck frame?” The short answer is, no.

Many contractors will cut corners on materials to save money by using pressure-treated, contractor-grade posts and beams. At Ridgeline Decks, we build Trex decks and recommend upgrading to glulam posts and beams instead of pressure-treated wood for the following reasons:


When we build your deck frame using glulam posts and beams, your Trex deck will be more solid, sturdy, and have a smoother, more glass-like appearance.


The measurements on pressure-treated wood can be off even by an eighth of an inch, which can leave a more warped appearance to the deck. Glulam is nearly perfect wood, so you have more accurate lengths and widths; this leaves a much more desirable finish. And, because the measurements are more accurate, it’s just more rigid, once built. Additionally, lesser grade wood can split, warp and shift over time. This can lead to an uneven surface in the deck boards above.


Trex has a 25-year warranty, it’s a decking product that lasts. We recommend that you put Trex decking on a frame that will last just as long. We like to say that putting your Trex decking on a lower grade frame is like putting filet mignon on a paper plate!


You’re investing in your outdoor living space, where you and your family can walk barefoot…we want you to enjoy the experience!

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